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Ceiling tile series                            more
Square ceiling series enjoy lots of structures, types, colors for selection
Linear ceiling series                      more
Linear ceiling is made of high quality alloy plate. After installation, the surface has a surprising sense of coherence, looks bright and comfortable.
Open ceiling series                        more
Sometimes, the functionality and visual effect of a building require a ceiling system that is transparent, lightweight and easy to install, like entrances, large public spaces...
Customized ceiling series            more
Customized ceiling is manufactured by professional equipment and technology to meet the pursuit of professional design, production is based on customer design ...
Aluminum panel series                 more
Aluminum panel is one of developed process of aluminum building materials. Our aluminum panel curtain wall processed by high strength aluminum alloy. It is light, good rigidity...
Aluminum honeycomb panel series                                               more
Aluminum honeycomb panel mainly use for curtain wall as high building.
It can against the sunshine ultraviolet irradiation in long term, industrial waste gas...

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